Naegiri (ナエギリ Naegiri) or otherwise resembled as the Duke of Maid Komaeda (ナエギリ、 ジュークオブメイドコマエダザーセブンティーンス) is the creator of the Dangan Mafia lobby on Epicmafia.

Many people question the logic of Naegiri, but it's highly possible that there's nothing to doubt, as they're often presumed to have a "special" way of thinking according to many. Otherwise, not much is known about Naegiri as of yet, besides having a passion about Komaeda Nagito and Maid Outfits.


Naegiri takes on many different forms, the most common being Komaeda Nagito in a maid outfit.


  • "I fucked up."
  • "Send me pictures of Komaeda's butt."
  • "Fuck."