A roleplay-oriented setup meant to closely follow the structure of a Dangan Ronpa game. The main focus is on roleplaying out being trapped in a School Life of Mutual Killing, writing and solving murder mysteries, and finding the mastermind everything. Average length is very, very long.

The following links should help with showing what a normal game looks like.

How to PlayEdit

  • Here is a rules page for Classic MK games (using a Chef).
  • Here is a rules page for Telepath MK games (using a Telepath instead of a Chef.)
  • Here is an incomplete list of possible motives for the Spies to give the players to get them to kill each other.

Example Monobear FilesEdit

These are the "cheat sheets" for the entire murder that are given to the Chef/Telepath and Spies for each case, and then revealed to the rest of the players once they solve the mystery. The things filed under "Evidence" are what the players are meant to look for, and the description of how the murder happened is what the players are meant to deduce.

  • Here is the blank Monobear File template.
  • Here is Tsumiki killing Togami. A good example of your basic frame-up.
  • Here is Souda killing Hinata. An example of a murder case caused by an accident, complicated by Souda being dumb about things.
  • Another example of dumb things caused by dumb decisions, and also a toilet plunger as murder weapon. (Hagakure kills Koizumi)
  • Here is Hinata killing Tsumiki in a talentswap game. An example of a murder case where a number of alibis and witness testimonies exist both to create red herrings and to provide clues. (Also, a beautiful Monobear File.)
  • Here is Maizono killing Nanami. A different spin on the Monobear File format, with personality and charm and idol points! (Includes little body-discovery blurb, which is cute.)

Saved Game Logs and Other RecordsEdit

  • Here is the Monobear File where Pekoyama kills Owari, and here is the log of her trial.
  • Here is an excerpt from the trial for Togami's murder of Celes in a talentswap game, wherein Soldier!Togami (and personal bodyguard of Princess!Fukawa) gets "fucking owned" by Gambler!Kirigiri.
  • Here is Kirigiri's Notebook: a quick summary of the entirety of a certain 14.6-hour game, including links to free time events, quotes and evidence collected, theories as to who the mastermind is (and, eventually, words from the mastermind themselves), etc.