Games that revolve around playing the party game Mafia, as it is played on the website EpicMafia. EpicMafia games play with more or less the same basic rules as the Mafia party game, but with dozens of additional roles to take the game in a limitless number of different directions! Because of the large number of roles and strategies involving them, there is a learning curve involved as one familiarizes themselves with the popular setups; however, new players can use one of the links in the "How to Play" section to find information on both their specific role and the game in general. (EpicMafia also lists some information on the roles in a setup by default; players can hover over the icons at the top of the page in-game to see the role name and rules associated with that icon.)

The Dangan Mafia Mentorship Program also exists specifically for the purpose of helping players (new and old, and beginner and advanced, alike) improve their Mafia skills.

Dangan Mafia games may or may not also involve roleplaying as a randomly-assigned character from the Dangan Ronpa series. Mafia games in which roleplaying is present will generally be labeled "IC", and mafia games in which roleplaying is not present will generally be labeled "OOC". Mafia games in which the choice of whether or not to roleplay is left up to the player are generally called "Loose IC" or "IC Optional". Mafia games which use non-Dangan Ronpa decks will generally use the same system to clarify whether the game is "IC" or "OOC", and mafia games which use a color deck (aka Color Mafia) can be assumed to be roleplaying-heavy games by default.

How to PlayEdit

There are a number of advice blogs in existence for playing the game Mafia, such as:

There is also the EpicMafia Wiki, which has information for new players and on specific roles that the blogs above may not; however, as it is no longer frequently updated, some information given may be incomplete or out-of-date.


  • Here are a few themed setups using epicmafiakuzuryuu's setup balancing guide.
  • Here are some more setups by Epic Mafia Pekoyama.