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Actual Picture of DespairNaegi

About DespairNaegi Edit

Epicmafia User DespairNaegi has been around since the beginning of time, or the beginning of Dangan Mafia. That pretty much means DespairNaegi has been around for longer than any of the owners of Dangan Mafia. DespairNaegi is an asshole and doesn't even have his icon set as a Despairing Version/Mastermind Naegi Makoto.

DespairNaegi is actually really cool. First joined as 'PastelNurse' back in July 2012.

Relationships Edit


Naegi's First Icon

Naegiri Edit

Knows Naegiri.

Seph Radiohated Edit

Hates Radiohated, is totally a better player than Radiohated.

Wadanohara Edit

who the fuck

Tsurniki Edit

Will reign over Tsurniki one day... One day.

Bearnyu Edit

Shipped yuri with Bearnyu in a Dangan Ronpa OC group before. Never forget.

Hinata 'A Lot of Fictives' Hajime Edit

Good friends with Hinata, and plays games with Hinata a lot.

Quotes Edit

"What" in multiple variations, such as typos and different caps.