Below is a list of all current decks that contain characters from the Dangan Ronpa series. Go here if you want to quickly compare which decks have which characters. (If you want to use any one of these decks, you're going to have to check the "Anonymous" box on the game you're creating, and then just go through the Popular decks until you find the one you're looking for. Unfortunately, EpicMafia doesn't really have a search function for decks.)

Note: any blacked out portions of decks contain character spoilers beyond the first chapter of SDR2, or plot spoilers for DR0. Nearly all of these decks will contain some major DR1 spoilers, so it's not recommended that you look through them if you're not finished reading/playing that.

Note: how likely is it for someone to roll any specific character from the Dangan Ronpa series? Here is one person's record of 309 different games, and the frequency of rolling a specific character throughout. (Some information about the frequency of rolling a specific role is also included.)

Regular DecksEdit

Decks that can be used for IC games. These contain Dangan Ronpa characters (and only Dangan Ronpa characters) as they appear in canon (a.k.a. with no AUs applied), and with no major spoilers beyond the first Dangan Ronpa.

AU DecksEdit

These decks will also generally be used for IC games, but with the canon switched up in some way - for example everyone's genderbent, or everyone's an animal, or something. Using one of these decks and applying another AU on top of it (like talentswapping) would probably be confusing.

Joke DecksEdit

These include: single-character decks (where every or nearly every character is the same character), shipping decks (where every or nearly every character is related to a certain ship), crossover decks (where at least one of the characters isn't from the Dangan Ronpa series at all), and some other things.

Spoiler DecksEdit

These decks contain characters from the Dangan Ronpa series (and only the Dangan Ronpa series), and they're not single-character decks, but they do contain spoilers past the Oren LP of SDR2. (By all accounts DMJunkos should be considered a spoiler deck too, but since it's single-character it was put in the joke decks section instead.)