The person who rolls the interrogator role plays the role of the killer. At the end of each day they take in a "victim" and in their meeting roleplay a murder with their victim. Afterward, they give their victim a link to a pastebin they've written of how the body is found to put in their will and end the night.

Things you should keep in mind as an interrogator:

  • Don't be so obvious that you can be found out after the first murder
  • Don't be so ambiguous that you can't be figured out after three murders
  • Details are good, 2-3 paragraphs should do it. Leave some things up to the imagination, though.
  • Most games allow you to take an accomplice, so if your character is someone who would need help carrying out murders, there's the ticket.
  • If there are triggers listed, be mindful of them! Don't do eye gore if someone lists it as their trigger, or anything else. Any kind of sexual assault is almost always off-limits.
  • Keep character switches in mind, and prepare/write accordingly.

Guides and stuff:

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