Whoever rolls the Celebrity hosts the party. Their role is also able to investigate the murder without their innocence being brought into question, as well as to choose the setting.

If a game has night groups, the celebrity should be converted by the masons as soon as possible.

Pros to using Celebrity:

  • Since their role is always visible, they don't have to out.
  • It's easy to find when creating a game.

Cons to using Celebrity:

  • If the Celebrity doesn't want to do the setup, then their role is still visible even if someone else takes over.
  • In a game with night groups, the Celebrity doesn't start out in one.

Setting suggestions:

  • The Celebrity's house, sudden storm
  • A theme park, the place becomes locked down
  • In the woods, camping or in cabins, trapped by a storm, fallen tree, or too far away from civilization
  • On an island, with no transportation
  • In the mountains, snowed in, or too far away from civilization