A popular roleplay-oriented setup with many variations.

In a standard dinner party game, everyone is going to the celebrity's place of choosing for a party. While there, an event causes the situation to become a closed circle, and there isn't any way to contact the outside world. Deciding to just wait it out, or maybe after spending the day finding a way out, the group goes to bed. In the morning, a body is discovered, and everyone begins to realize a killer is among them. Who did it? Will they kill again?

Different variations may have different plots, mechanics, rules, or roles involved.

How to play Dinner gamesEdit

  • Here is a guide for general Dinner games.
  • Here is another guide for general Dinner games.
  • Here dkfcnskdfhjhsjfrgfjdfhdsfghjsdfghdgfjhdsgfjhdsghfdghfgdshjfgjdsfghdsfghsdfgjdsgfjsdgfhjgdhfgjdfdjshfghsdfgjsdis a guide to the most common roles in all Dinner games: Celeb, Interrogator, and Mason/Naive Cop/Paranoid Cop/Templar.
  • Here are the rules for one variation, containing Ventriloquists and Telepaths/Whisperers.
  • Here is a guide on how to be the Interrogator in Dinner games, focusing mostly on general tips and how-to stuff, as well as important Interro etiquette.
  • Here is another guide on how to be the Interrogator in Dinner games, focusing mostly on plot ideas for Interros - how they should kill, why they should kill, etc - and some additional tips.
  • (Also, a suggestion for Interrogators to avoid a common awkward situation in dinner games)

Game VariantsEdit


No-Trigger DinnerEdit

No-trigger dinner games are games where triggers aren't kept track of, since most participants don't have any or know they wouldn't come up in a dinner game. Death pastebins and rp are allowed to be as brutal and gory as the interro sees fit.

It isn't recommended to play if you have triggers that might come up often.

NSFW DinnerEdit

NSFW dinners follow the same rules as other dinners, but smut roleplay is allowed but usually isn't allowed outside of whispers or night meetings.

Participating in nsfw roleplay isn't required to join, and it's recommended that if you do participate, let the people you roleplay with know whether or not you're a minor, since in some places smut rp with minors can be considered soliciting sex from a minor.

Roles UsedEdit


Whoever rolls the Celebrity hosts the party. Their role is also able to investigate the murder without their innocence being brought into question, as well as to choose the setting.

If a game has night groups, the celebrity should be converted by the masons as soon as possible.

Pros to using Celebrity:

  • Since their role is always visible, they don't have to out.
  • It's easy to find when creating a game.

Cons to using Celebrity:

  • If the Celebrity doesn't want to do the setup, then their role is still visible even if someone else takes over.
  • In a game with night groups, the Celebrity doesn't start out in one.

Setting suggestions:

  • The Celebrity's house, sudden storm
  • A theme park, the place becomes locked down
  • In the woods, camping or in cabins, trapped by a storm, fallen tree, or too far away from civilization
  • On an island, with no transportation
  • In the mountains, snowed in, or too far away from civilization


The person who rolls the interrogator role plays the role of the killer. At the end of each day they take in a "victim" and in their meeting roleplay a murder with their victim. Afterward, they give their victim a link to a pastebin they've written of how the body is found to put in their will and end the night.

Things you should keep in mind as an interrogator:

  • Don't be so obvious that you can be found out after the first murder
  • Don't be so ambiguous that you can't be figured out after three murders
  • Details are good, 2-3 paragraphs should do it. Leave some things up to the imagination, though.
  • Most games allow you to take an accomplice, so if your character is someone who would need help carrying out murders, there's the ticket.
  • If there are triggers listed, be mindful of them! Don't do eye gore if someone lists it as their trigger, or anything else. Any kind of sexual assault is almost always off-limits.
  • Keep character switches in mind, and prepare/write accordingly.

Guides and stuff:

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